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We do our best to answer you within 24 hours during the week days.

1. Supported formats & software

2. Account options

  • Why do I need to register an account?

    You need to register in order to download paid and free models from


    Your CG Connected account gives you further benefits:

    • Download all your invoices and see your purchase history

    • Download all the products you have purchased - for free and as many times as you need to

    • Get free access to any updates and newly added formats of the purchased products

    • Learn about news and promotions from our newsletter
  • How to register?

    • Click the “Sign Up” button at the top right corner

    • Fill in the required fields

    • Please, provide some additional details - these will help us send you exclusive offers in the future
  • How can I edit my account info?

    • Log in
    • Click the Account​ tab at the top right corner
    • Make the necessary changes to the given section
    • Save them by clicking the button below the section
  • How can I change my username?

    If you need to change your username, please contact our support team.

  • How can I subscribe for updates?

    You have two options to subscribe to our newsletter:
    • When creating your account, click the “Send me information about news and promotions”​ option.
    • If you already have an account, click the “Send me information about news and promotions”​ option on the “Account” page

3. Payments

  • What are my payment options?

    You have three options to make a payment:
    • with Credit Card d​irectly on
    • via PayPal
    • via a Bank transfer*​.


    *After you make the bank transfer, please send us the payment confirmation per email and we will process your order faster.


  • How can I receive an invoice?

    For every completed purchase you can download an invoice from the Orderstab your in Account. Additionally, you will receive a link to every invoice via email.

  • How can I get a refund?

    Customers are eligible for refunds within 14 days after the purchase. We’ll issue a refund only in if there is something clearly wrong with the product and if we are unable to provide a fixed version within a reasonable time-frame.

    If a refund is granted, you are legally bound to destroy permanently all copies of the purchased products.

  • Where is the record of all my orders?

    All your purchases from are recorded. Log into your account, go to “Account” section in the top ­right corner and then to “Orders”​” for more details. Or use this link to go straight to the section.

  • Can I change the details of an old order and get a new invoice?

    It is not possible to change details such as VAT and address for existing invoices. If such information is inaccurate due to a mistake from our side, please, contact us and explain the situation.

  • Why my payment is still pending?

    The two most frequent reasons for payment delays are:


    1. Automated fraud prevention in the payment process
    2. Delayed approval from PayPal


    We can't affect these processes. You will receive an email conformation as soon as the payment is processed. 

  • Why the system says my VAT number is invalid?

    We use European Commission system to validate your VAT number. There could be temporary problems with it, so please, inform us about the issue by using the "Send Your Question" button.


  • How can I download products?

    In order to download a product you must have an account at
    After you buy the product and your order is successfully processed, you have to request a download link. Generating a download link can take up to 2 hours depending on the file size and server loads. When the product is ready for download, you will also receive а notification via email. You will be able to download it from the "Downloads" tab in your Account.
    The generated download link will be valid within 24 hours and will then expire. Afterwards you will have to request a new download link.
  • Can I re-download a product?

    Yes, you can find all your purchases in the "Downloads" tab and make a request for a new download link if the old one has expired. Re-downloads are free of charge and can be made as many times as necessary.

  • I can't open the files I've downloaded. What should I do?

    This could be due to several reasons:


    • Connection issues: some temporary connection issues might have damaged the archive in the downloading process, especially if the files are too large. Try to download them again later.


    • Software version mismatch: if you are trying to open the files in another program or if your software version is older than the one shown as compatible on the product page in the file formats section. Check it up.   


    • Format incompatibility: check up if the archive contains file formats, which are compatible with your software. If you still don't find the right ones, contact our support team.


5. Discounts & vouchers

6. About the project

  • Who runs CG Connected?

    CG Connected is a project by Design Connected.
    All the content you will find on the website is curated by Design Connected’s team based on year ­long experience in curating quality 3d models of furniture on
    The products on CG Connected are created both by in-­house modeling artists and also by selected external content providers. If you want to learn more about the project and our vision click here.
  • Can I sell on CG Connected?

    For now all content is curated and produced by Design Connected. In the future we will invite more artists to sell their content on


    If you would like to be informed when this time comes, please contact us using the button on the left-hand side and send us your portfolio.